Thursday, February 6, 2014

 After we saw the ruins we came down the hill to have a “little” picnic lunch (that’s what they said). Okay, this was the fanciest picnic that I’ve ever had in my life! This was a picture of the potato salad and they brought pork steaks, some exotic fruit, cured ham, sausages, chips, salad, canned oysters, and other stuff as well.
When I dished up my salad one from our group was like, “oh here’s some olive oil,” and she handed me this big ol’ container.
I was in HEAVEN!!!
 After eating we decided to head up to this little town to the north a touch (Benaocaz) to get some coffee and see a Roman road.
 There’s the city up in the distance. Coffee!!!
 Having arrived I got to say that the view was pretty awesome. What a quaint little town! Nestled about halfway up the mountains it had a sweet view of the sierra.  
 Some “moo, moo’s” we had to pass walking to the old road. 
 A shot back at the city from the start of the path leading to the road.
And here be the road! All those little stones on the path were put there before Christ was born. The purpose of this road was to provide a pathway from Benaocaz down to Ubrique a little lower down (the one that had it’s economy 80% based in leather).
 Some grazing sheep off to the left of the path.
 A shot back at the mountains above Benaocaz.
 Ah, so amazing thinking about the age of this road I was walking on. I really want to know what it looked like in its glory days though!
 A little Roman bridge.

 Another lovely shot back at Benaocaz.
 Check out those mountains! It’s the most epic setting ever J.
 Coming back up the path. Such a sweet little bridge.
 Haha, definitely a character filled sign post!
 Animals are kept around the road and this “gate” (if it merits the term) was after the bridge to keep them separated from the rest of humanity. Haha, such a redneck gate!!
Coming back to Benaocaz. Gotta love the roads in the town. I guess these were constructed in the 1800’s though. 

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  1. Oh wow!! What a neat place! Thank you so much for posting so soon! We all look eagerly forward to your posts.

    ~The Smiths