Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Some posters in the hall at the school. One of the things that I really appreciated about Spanish is that they have a plural and a singular you. Thus, it’s one of the things Spanish kids have to work to grasp, “American’s say you for only one person and a group of people”?
 Ah, I never thought I’d be happy to have drab weather but this is a picture from the teacher’s lounge and as you can see, just like Eugene. Made me feel right at home it did.
 Haha, so that umbrella one of the teachers gave me didn’t hold up to the costal winds when I was walking to the school. It went inside out just like in a cartoon. Yeah, and then I got wet L lol.
 Hahaha, I was eating my lunch and doing some stuff on the computer while two of the teachers were talking. The one of the right was telling a story, very animatedly, and there were multiple times I had to stifle a laugh. Haha, look at this picture! She was going all out with this little tale J.
 Whoo, hoo! Guess who lost a tooth!? The resolution’s not that great but she’s holding it in her hand there.

 Definitely a toothless wonder.

Haha, ah first grade excitement at the lose of a tooth.
 So back in my flat I decided to try this local fruit again. Technically called a cherimoya it’s also called a dragon fruit or a custard apple. Pretty good stuff.
 The only downside to these guys is that there’s a lot of seed spitting involved. But the flesh is soooo good!
 Coming back from Friday meeting in the neighboring town with the Pastor’s family we swung by the house of a member of the congregation who was out of town (Hernan) and fed and walked his little puppy. Don’t be fooled by this picture, Isaac thinks the dog’s a big rat! There were lots of jokes about taking the dog back to the pastor’s house and feeding it to their cat lol.
 Time to try out a new dish! I don’t know what these things were called but I bought them at the market. Kind of like a sand dab on steroids. When I asked the guy if they were any good he told me to fry them and peel the tail, and then he put his fingers up to his mouth and made a smacking sound with his lips. So this story could go two ways, they really are to die for or he wanted them taken off his hands. Fingers crossed for the first.
I feel like I’m making some evil concoction right now. Where did I put that eye of newt? Ah, how did I forget to pick up a fuzzy bat wing at market?
 “Beep, chip, beep, take me to your leader puny earthling.”

 Oooo, I can almost take them! Okay, so in reality they weren’t that bad but though I love the taste of crustaceans I don’t have the patience to eat them. Seriously, you burn more calories than you gain! They didn’t have that much meat in them so I think I’ll only buy them again to feed to the little sisters when they come to visit ;-).
 Oh yeah, my weekly shopping trip. Haha, the bottom is loaded with squash and the guy at the bagging the fruit was like, “wow, you like your squash don’t you”? Yes, I do but I gotta say that the price definitely factors in on the decision. At around a buck for this big ol’ squash it’s hard to beat as a staple. 
 Haha, ready for a small siege to my flat ;-)
 Man, sorry for all the food but it does occupy a lot of my time. A little squid from the market for dinner. Suuuuuuch good stuff!
 Haha, and you thought it was just for cooking food! Got a little tendonitis, nothing that a little warm water soak can’t fix though, or at least help. Hahahaha, I know, such a bachelor right ;-).
 Ah yeah!! Finally got a cold snap! Which is still like high 50’s low 60’s but it feels so nice after the heat and humidity. Everybody’s all bundled up and complaining about the cold but I’m just loving the change.
 A little art for the 1st grade class. Yes, the teacher had me sign my lovely work. Ah, I have such promise!
 Okay, so this was a first. As the class was filing out I saw this puddle and told the teacher, “um, I think someone spilled their juice or something.” Her eyes got big and she quickly found the student in the line who sits there and was like, “did you pea your pants”? Sheepishly the student replied, “um, yes teacher, I’m sorry.” Hahaha, okay, clean up on isle 1st grade! It got better when the teacher saw me taking this picture and was like, “what are you doing”?! “Oh, you know, I’m keeping a blog.” J.
 Going through how to greet someone in English in one of my tutoring classes. They did just fine.
 One of my classes learning some body parts with "head, shoulders, knees, and toes." :-)

 Got a question teacher!!
 I heard a noise and looked over to see Anthony just kind of hopping in place. Hahaha, this kid has so much energy!
Quite the set up eh? I asked one of the mothers if it was typical to celebrate Halloween in Spain and they said, “no, we’re doing it because we have an American here and it’s an American tradition.” Great, not so sure I like my presence bringing on this particular holiday :-/